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The Bonaccini Reali Apartments is a bike friendly facility, ideal for families and cycle tourism enthusiasts. By booking directly with us with the Apartment + Bicycle rate you will have free access to the bicycles with which you can move around the city or follow the routes with our guides along the Naviglio.

Our Bike Room

Bicycle repair and storage

Room for storing and repairing bicycles

At our accommodation facility you will find the bike room in which you can park your bicycle safely, secure it with your own personalized padlock, wash it after excursions, carry out repairs and small maintenance operations using the tools offered supplied as wrenches, screwdrivers, inflation pumps, patches and putty.

Each bicycle is secured with its own padlock and for the more demanding there is the possibility of keeping the bicycle in your apartment!
Bike Repairing
In the bike room, tools will be available to carry out routine maintenance, repair tires with the anti-puncture kit, or with patches and putty.
Bike Wash
Upon returning from cycling excursions it is possible to clean the bicycles with running water to remove accumulated dirt.
An anti-puncture kit will be delivered with the bicycle, as well as a helmet, a torch, a padlock/chain, a mobile phone holder on the handlebars and many other accessories!
In the bike room as well as in the apartments it is possible to recharge the e-bikes by connecting them to the power supply. Charging is free and included in the price of your stay.
If unavailable bicycle models are requested, these can be rented from one of our suppliers.

Cycling routes

Cycling routes designed specifically for you

Cyclist riding a bicycle inside the Ticino Park
Lunghezza: 50km
Darsena - Parco del Ticino

The Naviglio Grande cycle route runs along the Naviglio towpath, passing through cultivated fields, country houses, historic homes and villages rich in history. The route measures 50 km and is suitable for everyone and all types of bicycles.

Cycle path inside the Groane Park
Lunghezza: 36km
Darsena - Certosa Di Pavia

The Naviglio Pavese connects the Porta Ticinese dock to Pavia. You follow the towpath up to the Certosa di Pavia (30 km) and then with another 6 km of pedaling you arrive at the historic center of Pavia.

Milan Cathedral at sunset time
Musei, Shopping
Milano Downtown

The facility is 1.5 km from the center of Milan. Popular points of interest in the surrounding area include the Museo del Novecento, the Church of San Maurizio al Monastero Maggiore and the Basilica of Santa Maria delle Grazie.



Bicycles in our apartments

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